viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2016


It was only last week that Canadian singer songwriter Leonard Cohen passed away.

I heard the news on the radio while I was driving home from work and thought that I could use one of his songs as a listening comprehension for my second year basic level students. The song that seemed to suit best for my purpose was "Take this waltz"; and it brought a surprise with it. I found out that its lyrics were a loose translation of "Pequeño vals vienés", a poem written by Federico García Lorca, who was one of Cohen's favourite poets.

Leonard Cohen was also a poet and he was given the Prince of Asturias Literature Award in 2011. This led me to listen to his speech of gratitude at the 2011 ceremony and there was yet another susprise to be discovered.
My colleague María José was also looking for an activity to do with her C1 level students on Leonard Cohen and after sharing my findings with her, she decided to do the listening comprehension that goes with his speech.

We both hope you enjoy Leonard Cohen's speech and song as much as we did. Click on the picture to access the song.

And here is the listening comprehension.

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  1. Muchísimas gracias por la actividad. So sad to hear about his passing away.